Artist collaborative

A Brackish Hymn explores the local landscape, placing the sound of the nearby Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm directly into the context of the 14th century church. The two seemingly incongruous landmarks, the church and the wind-farm coexist in Romney Marsh. By audibly experiencing the modern mechanical rhythm of the giant turbines within the church’s ancient enclaves, the audience is invited to engage with and question the proximity of the two landmarks and perhaps also the wider resonances this may have within the changing global landscape.

Collaboration with Caleb Madden

Google satellite view of Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm, Romney Marsh.Sketch of Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm, Romney Marsh.26 black markers as a graphic vector drawing representing the location of 26 wind turbines.1 single graphic vector drawing resembling a wind turbine and a cross.Photograph of a wind turbine aganist a grey sky.Road sign reading Ivychurch and showing a symbol for a wind turbine.Map of Little Cheney Court Wind Farm.Artist Caleb Madden recording sounds of a wind turbine.A black speaker in a church.A black speaker in a church in front of an altar.A close view of a speaker in a church alcove.A speaker in a church near to a window.Artist Graham Dunning improvising with sound equipment.An A2 folded exhibition map titled: Brackish Hymn.Close view inside an A2 folded exhibition map.Inside view of an A2 folded exhibition map.